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Get $250 in lab credits.
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Grow Your Practice With Dandy

Why Dandy?

Dandy delivers consistent quality & perfect fit through our digital manufacturing process. Dandy is the fully digital dental lab for dentists who want to grow their practice. Fully digital lab. Improve accuracy. Real-time tracking. Decreased order time. Increase your production.

After joining Dandy, dentists see:

  1. Industry-Defining Turnaround Times: Get Zirconia crowns back to your office in 5 business days! All orders are processed with 2-day shipping.
  2. Reduce Chairside Time: Intraoral scanning takes less time and produces a more accurate fit, resulting in less time needed for chairside adjustments and better patient experience.
  3. Consistent, Top-Quality Manufacturing: We partner with the best labs across the country that excel at manufacturing the specific products and materials you need. So you get the highest quality and consistency without the burden of finding and managing multiple labs


Dental City Practices who sign up for Dandy will receive $600 in lab credits. Issued in $100 increments in each full month after training. Lab credits won’t expire.