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Fight back against DTC aligners

We give patients the cost and convenience they want while keeping you in the picture

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We're a different kind of aligner company

We believe medical treatments should only be prescribed by doctors, which is why we partner with doctors like you to care for the full mouth.

No more
lab fees

Dandy clear aligners are completely free for your practice. We'll even pay you for each patient.

90% reduction
 in chair time

Our in-house, U.S.-based orthodontists handle the treatment planning; we print and ship the aligners. All you have to do is scan.

Offload compliance

We both know patient compliance is the key to success with aligners. Let us handle it for you, so you have more time to do the things you *want* to do.

Go completely digital with a free intraoral scanner

By investing in the technology your practice needs, we're able to produce the highest quality aligners in the shortest amount of time. Makes sense for you, makes sense for us.

A partner you can trust

We empower you,
the expert

We all know the truth - most DTC aligners can't get patients the results they deserve. They cut out the experts, overpromise, and underdeliver. We help you treat more cases and get better results because you stay involved.

Drive revenue without 
any overhead

Grow your revenue with our affordable, convenient, effective clear aligner solution. On average, doctors who offer Dandy aligners see a $50K annual increase in revenue.

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The Dandy difference

Full mouth treatment

Our aligners don't just fix the front
 six teeth. Because we partner with doctors like you, we're able to treat 
the full mouth.

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Made in the U.S.

Every part of the Dandy process, from manufacturing to support, takes
 place right here in the U.S.

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Free scanner training

We set you up for success by training you - and your staff - to use an intraoral scanner.

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see if you qualify

How it works



Patients come in for a Snapshot, where
 you take 3D impressions, X-rays, and photos
 and conduct an
oral health screening.



Our U.S.-based orthodontists 
create a treatment plan that you 
and your patient approve.



We ship the aligners directly
 to the patient's home.



Our patient success team provides
 ongoing support and ensures treatment
 is progressing properly.

What doctors are saying

The reason that I chose Dandy is that it's very economical and cost effective. Partnering with Dandy has been a great boon to my practice. They're able to get me what I need to quickly and effectively treat patients in an economical and efficient manner.

Dr. Jerome Tummillo

Dandy Labs is great! Cases are coming back and the crowns are fitting very well.  I haven’t had to make too much occlusal adjustments on most cases I've sent over. Nothing but positive things to say!

Dr. wilson Chan

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 Dandy today

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