Switching From Traditional Impressions to Intraoral Scanning

Go digital

One Clinician’s Easy Path to Going Digital

This content was made in collaboration with the ADA.

Ordering PVS material and shipping out your molds to labs can get tiring and repetitive. However, not everyone can afford the luxury of going digital.

For decades only the early adopters who wanted to mill in-house could afford a scanner. Today, thousands of dentists are shopping for scanners because of a lower price tag and the ability to get a scanner for free.

In this ebook we’ll share the story of a doctor who took physical impressions for 15 years and how he adopted intraoral scanning. We’ll discuss the hesitations he had, how he overcame them, and advice he has for new doctors looking to go digital.


Inside this book you’ll learn:

  1. How Dr. Block overcame the initial “leap of faith” period with investing in a new technology
  2. The most common benefits and barriers to intraoral scanning
  3. How Dr. Block improved his lab workflow by going digital
  4. How a digital workflow impacts the quality of Dr. Blocks models, restorations, and surgical guides