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How often should I clean my aligners?
We recommend rinsing your aligners whenever you put your aligners back into your mouth and at least twice a day. To be extra safe, use your toothbrush to clean your aligners whenever you brush your teeth.
Do I have to clean my aligners?
Yes, it’s important to clean your aligners regularly. They’re in your mouth all day! To clean your aligners, just run them through cool water. For a deep clean, use toothpaste and a toothbrush and lightly scrub for that fresh clean feeling.
Do Dandy aligners use attachments?
Yes, we do. Attachments allow us to perform more complex tooth movements which allows treat a wider variety of cases and reduces the overall length of treatment.
Does it hurt to wear clear aligners?
The first few days wearing each new aligner can feel a little tender or sore, as your mouth get adjusted to the new fit of the aligner. However, if you experience serious pain lasting more than a few days, contact our support team ASAP, and we will get you in touch with your dentist. Just because your mouth stops hurting after the first few days, doesn’t mean your aligners stop working, however. Your teeth will continue to move as you wear your aligners.
Can people see my aligners while I’m wearing them?
Nope! Someone might notice them if they pay really close attention, but by and large it’s very hard to tell if someone is wearing Dandy aligners.
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