Snapshot appointments

What do I do to prepare for my Snapshot?
Absolutely nothing! Because your Snapshot is conducted by a licensed dentist, we’ll take care of everything for you.
How do intraoral scans work?
Beams of red and blue light are shone on each of your teeth at many different angles, allowing the scanner to “see” your teeth in 3D much in the same way we see movies in 3D with red and blue glasses. Hundreds of these 3D photos are stitched together to produce a panoramic 3D photo of your mouth. Because each individual photo is extremely high-resolution, the resulting 3D photo perfectly matches the contours of your teeth much more accurately than traditional physical molds.
What will happen during my Snapshot?
One of the best parts about Dandy treatment is our comprehensive Snapshot. The dentist will inspect your mouth and bite and take an X-ray to ensure treatment will be safe for you. After that, they’ll take some photos and a 3D scan of your teeth, which will be used by the orthodontist assigned to your case to create your treatment plan.
Does booking a Snapshot mean I have to buy aligners?
No. Snapshots are totally commitment-free.
Is the Snapshot free?
Yes! Snapshots are 100% free.
How long does a Snapshot take?
Most Snapshot appointments take about ½ hour. In some cases, it may take a bit longer.
How do I book a Snapshot?
It’s easy! Simply visit, answer a few questions, and find a time that works for you!
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