The Dandy treatment process

How long do I need to wear my retainer for?
It’s important to wear your retainer every night in order to keep your teeth looking great.
How do I keep track of my treatment progress?
Set a calendar reminder for every 2 weeks and/or use our app to know when to switch your trays. Before jumping into the next set of trays, you’ll need to send updated progress photos (5) so our orthodontic team can review your teeth and make sure you’re on track. Our app also allows you to see all of these photos throughout your smile journey!
Why doesn’t Dandy offer at-home impression kits?
At-home putty impression kits are much less accurate than 3D scans, which leads to longer treatment lengths and less-than-ideal results.
Can I only get treatment for my top or bottom teeth?
We only treat the top and bottom teeth together. Moving teeth changes the structure of your bite, and moving just one set of teeth can leave you with an uncomfortable bite that might not close properly.
How long do retainers last?
Although there’s no hard limit on how long you can wear a retainer, we generally recommend changing them once every 6 months as they can wear out and accumulate bacteria.
What happens if I lose an aligner?
Get in touch with us! Email and we’ll help get you a replacement.
Am I eligible for treatment?
I’m just a computer, I’m not sure! Generally speaking, if you don’t have any major periodontal issues you should be clear for treatment. The easiest way to know for sure is to schedule a Snapshot to find out if you’re eligible. A licensed dentist or orthodontist will see you in person and make sure invisible aligner treatment is right for you.
How is my treatment plan made?
After your Snapshot, your x-rays, photos and 3D scan are sent to a board certified orthodontist, who will use that information to craft a fully customized treatment plan for your teeth. That treatment plan will then be approved by the same Dandy provider you saw, in person, at your Snapshot, to make sure it fully addresses all of your needs. After 3-5 business days, you’ll be able to check out what your future smile will look like with our 3D smile preview. All Dandy treatment plans are made by board certified orthodontists with experience in treating malocclusion, never general dentists.
Can I throw away my old aligners?
No, please keep them! Although rare, occasionally you may need to re-wear an old aligner. One advantage of having dentists and orthos directly involved in your care is correcting issues and addressing them, in the rare case they arise.
What is interproximal reduction?
Interproximal reduction, or IPR, is a quick, painless spacing procedure in which your Dandy provider shaves off tiny amounts of enamel from the sides of your teeth to make room for your aligners. It is not only necessary for many treatment cases, but it also makes your treatment faster and easier with better results in the end. Most of the time, all you have to do is come in a second time after your Snapshot appointment to knock out that IPR in one sitting.
Are there any more appointments after I purchase?
You may be prescribed an additional appointment for IPR, attachments, or other in-person procedures needed to achieve the best results. Most patients will have only one of these appointments.
How do I submit my monthly progress photos?
First, use the Dandy cheek retractor included with your aligners to make sure you smile wide. Then, simply open up the Dandy mobile app and start snapping!
How often do I need to wear my aligners?
22 hours per day, every day! Your aligners can’t straighten your teeth if they’re not in your mouth, and our 2-week rotation plan is counting on you to be an aligner-wearing machine.
How often do I switch to a new set of aligners?
The standard period to switch to a new set of aligners is every two weeks, although sometimes you may need to stay an extra week in a step.
When will my aligners arrive?
Your aligners will arrive around 2 weeks after your purchase your treatment plan. You will be able to purchase as soon as your Dandy Snapshot appointment is complete. If you want more information before purchasing, patients receive a full 3D smile preview 5-7 days after their appointment.
Who supervises my treatment?
Although you’ll visit one of our partner general dentists for your Snapshot appointment, it is ultimately a board-certified orthodontist who will craft your treatment plan. These two professionals will monitor your treatment to ensure your teeth are aligning properly and that no hygienic issues prevent you from having a confident, healthy smile at the end of your treatment.
How does treatment work?
Within a couple weeks after you purchase, all of your aligners will arrive at your doorstep. You may also have a follow-up appointment with your Dandy provider for a quick spacing procedure or to have attachments applied. Then, wear each set of aligners for two weeks, before switching to the next set. You will also submit monthly progress photos using the Dandy mobile app so your supervising Dandy providers can make sure that your treatment is going well.
Is my retainer included?
Yes! Your first retainer is free, while each additional retainer is $99.
How long will my treatment last?
On average, Dandy patients receive 8 months of treatment. However, our unique treatment process allows us to treat more complex cases than many of our competitors, with our longest case lasting 18 months.
When do I get my treatment plan?
Your treatment will be available for you to view and approve 3-5 business days after your Snapshot appointment.
How can I purchase Dandy aligners?
Before you can purchase Dandy aligners, you need to book a Snapshot appointment so that we can get a 3D scan of your teeth. Then, a Dandy orthodontist will create a treatment plan that you’ll be able to review and purchase.
Can I get aligners if I still have my wisdom teeth?
In most cases, wisdom teeth aren’t a problem in pursuing invisible aligner treatment. As part of your Snapshot, your Dandy provider will take an x-ray (in addition to your scan) to make sure your wisdom teeth will not cause problems in your treatment. If your wisdom teeth do interfere with getting invisible aligners, your Dandy provider can help you find treatment options.
Can I see what my smile will look life after Dandy clear aligner treatment?
You’ll be able to check out a full 3D preview of your future smile 3-5 days after your Snapshot.
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