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We're a different kind of aligner company

Most DTC aligners eliminate the doctor from the equation and treat only the front six teeth. We believe medical treatments should only be prescribed by doctors, which is why we partner with people like you to care for the full mouth.

We empower you, the Expert

We all know the truth - most DTC aligners can't get patients the results they deserve. They cut out the experts, overpromise, and underdeliver. We're able to treat more cases and get better results because we put you, the doctor, back in the picture.

Patients are yours to keep

Patients who come in for a Dandy treatment are your for the lifetime of their relationship with your practice. If they need additional work (say, a filling or a crown), you can treat and charge them just like any other patient.

Drive revenue without investing a cent

Growing your revenue is easy with Dandy. We'll handle all the marketing and drive new patients to your practice - you don't need to do a thing. On average, our doctors see a $210k annual increase.

Dandy comes with some major perks

Save Time

You perform the initial check up - we create the treatment plan, ship aligners straight to the patient's door, and provide 24/7 customer support.

Sync all bookings

We connect with your patient management software, making scheduling easy for you and the patients. It takes just an hour to set up, at no cost to you.

Less admin work

We do all the billing for you. If a patient is using insurance, we'll even process their claims - all you have to do is sign off on it.

More patients

We market your practice and send patients to you on a regular basis. Our doctors see on average of 40 new patients a month, thanks to Dandy.


Why doctors partner with Dandy

Avg. new patients per month
Avg. revenue per month
Practice investment

You do what you're best at.
We'll handle the rest



Patient Consultation
Dental work + IPR
Treatment planning
Aligner manufacturing
Billing + financing compliance

The Dandy Patient Journey


Patients schedule a Snapshot, where you take impressions and X-rays and conduct an oral health screening.


We build a treatment plan that you approve and the patient purchases.


We'll handle ongoing support and ship trays directly to the patient's home.

Doctors love us, and... So do our patients

Mark B. / Proteco Clinic
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Mark B. / Proteco Clinic
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