Sleep apnea dental appliances

Make sleep apnea easy to treat

Sleep apnea dental appliance
Flexible sleep apnea treatment options
Dentists can offer both the Herbst and the Dorsal oral appliances for sleep apnea. Both products are 3D printed to ensure a high level of accuracy and comfort. This ensures a high degree of efficacy when treating sleep apnea.
Medical billing, simplified
We provide your practice with the education, enablement, and clinical support necessary to confidently treat sleep apnea with intraoral appliances. All Dandy sleep apnea customers receive an exclusive discount with our medical billing partner, Nierman Practice Management. We simplify the process so you can focus on what you do best.
Grow your practice
Sleep apnea provides an opportunity to significantly increase your practice’s revenue and profitability. Dental practices can receive medical billing reimbursements while requiring minimal chairtime.

Dandy Labs Dental Appliances for Sleep Apnea

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Sleep Apnea 101 for dentists: Diagnosis, treatment plans, and better sleep

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Sleep apnea dental appliance

Sleep Apnea 201: Identifying Patients, Sleep Studies, and Growing Your Practice

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Frequently asked questions

What levels of severity of sleep apnea can be treated with an intraoral device for sleep apnea?

Mild and moderate sleep apnea.

How is the therapeutic bite position set?

Protruding the lower jaw until the patient is not able to easily snore and then it is held in place with a bite gauge.

Do sleep apnea intraoral devices change the bite of the patient?

They can, which is why we include a free morning repositioning device, which is a simple tray that reminds jaw muscles how to move into the natural bite position after using a sleep apnea appliance, with every Dandy Herbst and Dorsal order.

Do dentists need to be certified to prescribe sleep apnea appliances?

There is no formal requirement to prescribe but the AADSM recommends that they be a qualified dentist, which can be achieved by taking the course listed on the AADSM website.

What dental appliances for sleep apnea does Dandy offer?

Dandy offers Herbst and Dorsal appliances as solutions for treating sleep apnea.

What are some reasons to select the Herbst sleep apnea appliance over the Dorsal?

The Herbst sleep apnea appliance is covered by Medicare. It’s also more comfortable for the patient, with thinner sides and material that allows for more excursive and lateral movements.

What are some reasons to select the Dorsal sleep apnea appliance over the Herbst?

The Dorsal sleep apnea appliance completely separates the arches allowing more vertical movement. There is also no metal hinge in the appliance.

Why doesn’t Dandy offer other sleep apnea appliances like Tap and EMA?

There are four widely accepted intraoral appliances for sleep apnea: Herbst, Dorsal, TAP, and EMA. There are other lesser used appliances, but they are less proven in clinical efficacy. Of the main four appliances listed, Dandy holds the belief that the Herbst and the Dorsal are the best options. And that together these provide a strong sleep apnea offering that can meet different types of patient needs.

The TAP and EMA appliances are widely used but have downfalls:

  • The TAP locks the patient’s arches together, limiting essentially all movement vertically and horizontally.  This can be very uncomfortable for the patient; it may be particularly troublesome for patients who have bruxism.
  • The EMA appliance is a cheaper alternative. However, the mechanism depends on acrylic notches and rubber bands; this system has been found to be less durable.

Long term, Dandy is exploring expanding our sleep apnea offering. While there are downsides of the TAP and EMA appliances, there are some cases where they work well and some patients may prefer them.

Why should I consider offering sleep apnea appliances in my practice?

Sleep apnea is a great way to increase practice profitability. Sleep Apnea falls under the category of Medical Insurance which provides relatively high reimbursements (approximately from $3,000-$5,000) for these appliances compared to other potential lab products (i.e. crowns, night guards, etc). Note that medical reimbursements fluctuates with geography and insurance plans. In some states this reimbursement could be even higher. Regardless, this presents a very profitable product.

In addition to high reimbursements, delivering this product only requires two short appointments:

  1. Scanning appointment- takes roughly the same time as night guard scanning
  2. Delivery appointment. – useful to explain how to use the device and to make chair side adjustments. Dandy provides instructions to facilitate patient education for the dentist. Chair side adjustments can be expected to be limited because these are digitally milled, creating an ideal fit.

Therefore, the input costs of chair time and scanning time are low relative to the payout.

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