Case Acceptance Made Easy

On Demand Webinar
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About the Webinar

Why do some patients do what you say while others do the opposite? Most dentists believe their case acceptance is satisfactory, but the truth is, it’s not! A low case acceptance rate can slow down office growth and impede your patients’ path to better dental health.

In this webinar, Dr. Leslie Pasco of LiveWell Dentistry will walk through the steps and technology dental teams can use to increase treatment acceptance and help patients achieve the smiles they deserve.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. The one thing you are doing that is killing practice productivity and profitability — and how to stop it.
  2. Why some patients do not move forward on the planned treatment and what simple changes can be made to help patients accept the care they need.
  3. The proper flow of a patient throughout the entire office, thereby creating a better patient experience and increased treatment acceptance
  4. Organized, easy-to-apply treatment planning steps for the entire team!
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Dr. Leslie Pasco
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