Are 2 Appointment Dentures Too Good to Be True?

On Demand Webinar
Dandy Lab

Dr. Lee Shares His Experience

On Demand Webinar

Do 2 appointment dentures sound too good to be true? Most dentists have grown accustomed to the challenging and time-consuming conventional denture workflows. Molds, try-ins, fittings, and adjustments can lead to many appointments and a lot of chairtime for your patient.

Dandy has reimagined conventional denture workflows using digital tools that simplify and improve the denture fabrication process for you and your patients. But don’t just take our word for it, tune in to our on demand webinar to hear from Dr. Lee from Omalee Dental.

Dr. Lee will share his experience adopting the digital dentures workflows, including:

  1. How he transitioned his team
  2. What his patients are saying
  3. The impact it’s had on his practice
Dr. Robert Lee
General Dentistry, Omalee Dental
Miles Schuck
Head of Digital Dentures, Dandy