Stress-Free Workflows for Fillings, Crowns, Nightguards and Implants

On Demand Webinar
Dr Franklyn

About the Webinar

More than half of dentists report that stress is negatively affecting their practice.

As a dentist, you make countless decisions with every procedure, perform surgery on a moving target, and work in a small space for long periods of time. Under these conditions, it’s normal to feel stressed daily and run the risk of burning out.

In this webinar, Dr. Eric Block, author of The Stress-Free Dentist: Overcome Burnout and Start Loving Dentistry Again, will share 7 game-changing techniques that have made his workflows more efficient and less stressful. He’ll walk through step-by-step clinical tips for fillings, crowns, nightguards, and implants that you can take back to your practice right away.

Join us to learn:

  1. Step-by-step clinical tips from a full-time practicing general dentist
  2. How to run your practice more efficiently and productively
  3. How to become less stressed and reduce anxiety
  4. How adding technology can re-energize your practice and career
Dr. Eric Block
Author of The Stress-Free Dentist