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Lucitone 3D Printed Dentures

Our Signature Denture provides superior durability, wear resistance and high-quality aesthetics. This denture is ideal for most cases and arrives at your office in 7 business days. Dandy recommends the fully-printed Signature Denture as the best option for most cases for its increased strength and durability.

Lucitone 3D Printed Dentures
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Base material
Dentsply Sirona Lucitone Digital Print Resin
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Dentsply Sirona Lucitone Digital IPN Premium Tooth Resin

Why do we recommend Signature Dentures?

Dandy’s Signature Denture features Dentsply Sirona’s Lucitone Digital Print Resin which immediately responds to body temperature (while being worn), providing amplified material properties resisting breakage and preventing the worsening of any existing cracks or fractures. This material is 3x stronger than conventional denture base material, featuring a Total Fracture Work Wf [J/m²] up to 3,000.

The Signature Denture also features Dentsply Sirona’s Lucitone Digital IPN tooth resin. In a Boston University study, Lucitone teeth feature lower volume loss, and therefore higher wear resistance, compared to other top resins in the market.

Signature denture strength

Strength of Dandy Signature 3D Printed Dentures

When in the mouth, due to the heat activated resins, the signature denture bases are much stronger than aesthetic denture bases.

Our 3D printed signature dentures increase to 3,000 in total fracture work when in mouth because of body temperature. Fracture toughness indicates resistance of a material to cracks and governed by the work needed to destroy a material (total fracture work).


3D Printed Dentures

Dandy’s signature 3D printed denture material and workflow can work for:

Relines and repairs with 3D printed dentures

Because our workflows are entirely digital, we do not do traditional relines because that requires sending the denture back to the lab.

However, with digital impressions saved in our software, patients who lose or damage their dentures can get instant digital remakes without an office visit.

Our 3D printed denture teeth are also monolithic, providing stronger support and eliminating the need for single tooth repairs.

relines and repairs of 3d printed dentures

Adopt digital dentures with ease

Hands-on digital denture training
Dandy offers free personalized training for your whole team with our denture training specialists.
One-click replacements
With digital impressions saved in our software, patients who lose or damage their dentures can get instant digital remakes without an office visit.
Innovative materials
Our 3D-printed Signature Dentures use the newest and strongest resins from Dentsply Sirona, creating dentures that are more durable and wear resistant than conventional materials.

General recommendations when prescribing Dandy’s signature 3D printed dentures

Looking for a dental lab to fabricate 3d printed dentures for your practice?

Look no further than Dandy! Reach out to our team for more information on pricing, turnaround times, and customizing your orders.

FAQ about Dandy’s Signature 3D printed dentures

Are the printed dentures made all in-one or are the teeth bonded?

Printed teeth are bonded to printed bases. They are printed separately with two different types of resins.

Are the denture teeth printed and bonded roundhouse style (bridge) or are they bonded individually?

Dandy prints denture teeth as bridges versus individual teeth, so there is a very low likelihood of teeth popping out of the denture base.

Do the printed teeth have a translucent incisal edge?

We use a premium design library, Dentsply Sirona’s Genios HC design library, which produces highly realistic teeth with a great level of detail and a translucent incisal edge.