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Dandy was built to work seamlessly with your practice so you can enjoy all the benefits digital dentistry has to offer.

A dental lab built for quality

When you partner with Dandy as your dental lab, you can expect great-fitting restorations that will make you and your patients smile.
A better impression for a better outcome.
Dandy provides the fastest, easiest way to take accurate digital impressions. Our system can proactively alert you to any scan issues, so you can rest assured that you captured a quality impression before the patient leaves the chair.
Designed right from the start.
Great-fitting restorations start with great design. As a dental lab, our experienced team of digital designers are dedicated to specific restoration types and follow a 13-step quality control process to ensure the design is right before a final restoration is ever made.
More control, more certainty.
Want to review a restorative design before it’s fabricated? Review and approve the design preview from our Portal or Mobile App, free of charge.
Manufacturing excellence in the USA.
Our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in NY and UT set a new industry standard for consistency and quality of fixed and removable restorations.

Everything you need from a dental lab. Start with what you want.

Explore all of Dandy’s lab products here.
Crown and Bridge
Fit to your preferences
Great-fitting restorations start with high-fidelity digital design. From day one, we align with your clinical preferences, including occlusal contact tightness, interproximal contacts, and more to drive consistent fit. These preferences save in your profile and can be adjusted at any time to ensure we’re delivering what you need for every case.
Increased precision with digital workflows
Digital impressions are highly accurate and streamline the digital design and manufacturing process. Digitally designed restorations and digital wax-ups for your review give you control over the quality and fit of the final restoration.
Continuous improvement
Unlike other labs, our quality gets better with every case we complete together. We utilize digital order feedback, ongoing case preference tracking, and live case reviews to continuously improve patient outcomes. Our steadfast commitment to quality is most obvious chairside, where little-to-no chairside adjustment is required.
See the complete list of Crown & Bridge materials and turnaround times.
Implant Solutions
Implants, simplified
Never pay for impression copings or lab analogs again. Digital dental implants only require scan bodies. We deliver them straight to your office free of charge. No matter your FDA-approved implant system, we have you covered.
Trust the precision of digital
Traditional open and closed tray impressions leave unnecessary room for error. Our dental implant digital workflow combines intraoral scanning and industry-leading digital design with precision milling for a highly accurate end result.
Clinical support and live scan reviews
Our implant specialists are available to assist with any case. Whether reviewing scans, discussing a complex case, or providing material suggestions — we’re here to ensure case success.
Seat scan body into patient’s implant and confirm radiographically.
Workflow Icons
Capture scans of patients’ dentition and emergence profile.
Workflow Icons
Approve digital wax up provided by Dandy design technicians.
Workflow Icons
Seat final restoration. In addition to the crown, abutment and screw (if applicable), Dandy always provides a model and analog for the final restoration
Workflow Icons
See the complete list of all Implant Solutions including digital treatment planning, surgical guides, custom abutments, and scan bodies.
Partial Dentures
2-Appointment partial dentures
The accuracy of intraoral scanning and our digital design means you can complete partial dentures cases with fewer chairside adjustments. Leverage our straight-to-finish workflow and complete cases in just two patient appointments.
Elevate your patient experience
Intraoral scanning provides a high-end partial denture experience and delivers a more comfortable and faster appointment. It also lets patients better understand their oral health.
Expert partial denture training
Your team will make the transition to digital dentistry with confidence with hands-on training at additional no cost. Our training team helps you get comfortable with every step of the workflow, from case setup and scanning to material selection, and beyond.
Scan the patient and fill out your case preferences.
Workflow Icons
Seat the new partial denture.
Workflow Icons
See the 2-appointment and 3-appointment workflows for partial dentures.
Full Dentures
2-Appointment dentures
Complete your digital denture workflows in as little as 2 appointments. The digital design process makes it fast and easy to review, and modify cases before manufacturing your full denture case.
Expert support and training
It’s easy to adopt digital dentures through Dandy’s hands-on personalized training. Learn from our team of digital denture experts and our extensive resource library, so you can confidently scan and manage edentulous cases.
Superior fit and Aesthetics
Even the most challenging and complex digital denture cases will fit perfectly when you trust Dandy’s experienced full denture design team. We use the latest custom, design libraries, 3D carbon printers, and resins to provide superior aesthetics, strength, and durability for years to come.
Extraorally scan existing appliance and intraorally scan the bite.
Workflow Icons
Seat the new digital denture.
Workflow Icons
See the 2-appointment and 3-appointment workflows for full digital dentures.
Free clear aligner training
All practices receive 1:1 training on workflows, case selection, pricing and even how to manage insurance for you and your entire team.
Grow your practice
Take advantage of the fastest-growing segment in the dental industry. With Dandy, you get everything you need, including orthodontic expertise and support, patient marketing materials and more.
Treatment plans to fit every patient
Dandy offers three pricing plans to cover all patient cases: Dandy On-Demand, Dandy 20 and Dandy Max. We can help you manage the simplest to most complex patient cases.
See how clear aligner training works with Dandy.
Splints and Guards
Durability with comfort that patients love
Increase case acceptance and offer your patients night guards they won’t mind wearing every night. With Dandy, you have access to industry-leading materials. Our Hard/Soft 3D printed night guard with thermodynamic technology makes for a comfortable fit that patients love.
Add a digital night guard in one click
Digital workflows make adding a night guard to restorative cases as easy as one click. Add a night guard to your crown, implant or other restorative cases to help protect opposing dentition. Plus, we save scans so reordering is easier than ever before.
Increase your practice’s profitability
Bruxism and TMJ cases are on the rise and adding digital night guards is a great insurance policy on that new crown or implant you just seated. Dandy makes it easy to offer night guards without adding extra work or appointments.
Learn more about our night guard, TMD, and sports guard offerings.
Sleep Apnea
Flexible sleep apnea treatment options
Dentists can offer both the Herbst and the Dorsal oral appliances for sleep apnea. Both products are 3D printed to ensure a high level of accuracy and comfort. This ensures a high degree of efficacy when treating sleep apnea.
Medical billing, simplified
We provide your practice with the education, enablement, and clinical support necessary to confidently treat sleep apnea with intraoral appliances. All Dandy sleep apnea customers receive an exclusive discount with our medical billing partner, Nierman Practice Management. We simplify the process so you can focus on what you do best.
Grow your practice
Sleep apnea provides an opportunity to significantly increase your practice’s revenue and profitability. Dental practices can receive medical billing reimbursements while requiring minimal chairtime.
Learn more about offering sleep apnea dental appliances to your patients

The dental lab built for digital

Chairside software
The easiest, fastest way to scan patients and submit orders all in one place. More confidence with fewer steps.
Portal software
Easily check case statuses, review and approve wax-ups, chat with your expert lab team, and much more.
Mobile application
Manage and track your lab cases from anywhere. All the benefits of the Portal, on the go.

End-to-end support

Always free, when-you-need it, and personal to you.
Call, chat, or text anytime.
Whether you’re looking for clinical or technical support, need help with a scan, or have questions about a case, our expert team is always a click, call, or text away.
CE-accredited intraoral scanner training.
Dandy’s world-class Training team is here to bring ease and success to digital dentistry. We provide free, fun, and comprehensive scanning and workflow training for your entire team.
Powerful tech support.
When you need software or hardware support, you need it now. As your end-to-end partner, there’s never a question of who to call. No matter the issue, we’re here to help.
Ongoing staff training.
Whether you want to explore digital for a new restorative category or you need to onramp a new staff member, our dedicated Training team is always here to help and support your practice.
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