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Simplify the complex process of restoring and planning implants with a completely digital workflow. As your dental implant lab, we provide everything you need to optimize your workflow including seamless x-ray uploads, free scan bodies, dedicated implant designers, an implant surgery planning team, and complex case support whenever you need it.


Implant Restorations
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Dandy Implant Solutions

Dandy’s Dental Implant Laboratory Offering

Completely Digital
Experience the precision of a fully digital workflow.
Custom abutments
Manage aesthetics and fit with a custom designed and manufactured abutment.
Free scan bodies
Quickly order scan bodies for your upcoming case with ease.

Implant Crown and Bridge offerings

We offer a wide selection of high quality materials across the spectrum of strength and aesthetics. No matter your implant case, we have a material that will work for you.

dental lab implant restorations

Trust the precision of digital

Traditional open and closed tray impressions leave unnecessary room for error. Our dental implant digital workflow combines intraoral scanning and industry-leading digital design with precision milling for a highly accurate end result.

dental implant laboratory

Clinical support and live scan reviews

Our implant specialists are available to assist with any case. Whether reviewing scans, discussing a complex case, or providing material suggestions — we’re here to ensure case success.

Clinical support and live scan reviews for dental implant restorations

Final implant restoration workflow

Seat scan body into patient’s implant and confirm radiographically.
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Capture scans of patients’ dentition and emergence profile.
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Approve design preview provided by Dandy design technicians.
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Seat final restoration. In addition to the crown, abutment and screw (if applicable), Dandy always provides a model and analog for the final restoration
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Dandy’s Dental implant lab resources:

Implant impressions: open vs. closed tray impression. Is there a better way?

Scan Bodies

The guide to intraoral scan bodies: Everything you need to know

Dr. Moeen

How digital dentistry can prevent dental implant problems

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Frequently asked questions

Does Dandy require implant impression coping?

No, never pay for impression copings or lab analogs again. Digital dental implants only require scan bodies, and we deliver them straight to your office, free of charge

Can scan bodies be reused?

Most scan bodies can be reused. However, some scan bodies like Straumann are single-use only.

How do you sterilize/clean the scan body? Can they be autoclaved?

3shape scan bodies can be autoclaved. Please note that the box cannot be autoclaved. Prior to use, the cleaned scan bodies and associated screwdriver must be autoclaved at 121° c for 15 min, or at 134°c for 3 min.

Is it possible to scan both an implant restoration and a prepped tooth restoration in the same case?

Yes – reach out to the Dandy team to learn more about how this would work with our lab ordering system!

What retention styles for implant restorations does Dandy offer?

We offer 3 different retention methods: Screw retained, cement retained, and screwmentable. Components and restoration materials can be chosen for any of these.

What type of abutments does Dandy offer?

We offer custom titanium abutments, custom Zirc hybrid abutments, and we can manufacture screw retained crowns utilizing custom abutment or tibase.

Is Dandy an Encode-empowered lab?

Yes, we are. The scanning process and case set up is slightly different, since the Encode healing cap functions both as a scan body and healing cap. Reach out to our team for more information.

What comes with every implant restoration case?

The crown, abutment, screw (final screw, not replacement screw), model, and analog are all included when you order implant restorations through Dandy.

Does Dandy do mini dental Implant restorations?

Yes we can in certain instances. If you’re a doctor interested in restoring over a mini, talk to us!

What brands of implants does Dandy accept?

Dandy works with a vast range of implant brands. We do our best to work with doctors to ensure they have the compatible scan body to restore their dental implant.

Is the digital workflow for implants as accurate as using impression copings?

At Dandy we have done countless successful implant cases that are all currently seated in patients’ mouths.

While the impressioning technique is accurate, once it leaves the doctor’s hands there is more room for error than with a digital workflow. The reason being that with the impression the lab now has to make a model, which is then used to design the implant abutment and crown. With Dandy, the scan that the doctor submits is the model we use to design the implant abutment and crown.

This ultimately cuts out the middleman leading to a more accurate design.

How hard is scan body compatibility?

One of the best parts about working with Dandy for your Implant Restorations is that we are here to help on every step of the journey. We have an entire team dedicated to ensure you get all of your implant and scan body questions answered. Our Implants Sales & Training Specialist can work with your assistant to teach them about compatibility.

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View implant restoration abutment turnaround times

Looking for information on abutments, add ons, and turnaround times? Download our product guide for more information on our implant restoration offering.

Clinical Case Study

The patient presented generalized gingivitis and subgingival decay leading the doctor to restore teeth #4-13 with 10 Aesthetic Zirconia crowns over five appointments. See the transformation—with images!
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Case Study: 10-Unit Zirconia Smile Transformation

Clinical Case Study

The patient presented generalized gingivitis and subgingival decay leading the doctor to restore teeth #4-13 with 10 Aesthetic Zirconia crowns over five appointments. See the transformation—with images!
See transformation