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Crown & bridge lab products

As a crown and bridge dental lab, our products are made with industry-leading materials, offering a variety of strength and aesthetic options for all of your crown and bridge needs.

Crown & bridge lab products
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Take some time to learn more about taking your practice digital with the nations first and only digital dental lab.

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Quality enhanced by technology

Deliver better patient outcomes in less time with a completely digital workflow.

Decrease chairtime with less crown adjustments.
Digital workflows drive better-fitting restorations
Get crowns back faster, and on time.
Finish cases faster with 5 day turnaround times for zirconia.
Be prepared for any patient.
Our wide range of materials prepares you for any case.

Crowns & bridges fit consistently, every time.

Taking the impression

Using the free Dandy-provided intraoral scanner, you can ensure you’re submitting the right information to our lab with the clearest margins possible:

  • Follow guided scan paths with Dandy’s Chairside software
  • Leverage live chat and Live Scan Reviews—with a Dandy tech—to ensure clarity of impression before the patient leaves the chair
Submitting your prescription

Make sure that everything from shade-matching to margins are correct using Dandy’s proprietary scanning and ordering software Chariside.

  • Submit preferences of occlusal contact tightness, interproximal contacts, shading, material preferences, and more.
  • Upload pictures directly into Dandy’s software to ensure exact shade-matching
  • Leave notes on your orders for your lab tech
  • Update your materials or other case details, even after the order is submitted
Previewing digital design

Our team of digital designers will take your impressions, match them with your preferences, and create a Design Preview of your restoration. This checkpoint, before our lab starts the manufacturing process, ensures the best fitting restorations.

  • Review proposed design
  • Markup the 3D image
  • Request revisions
  • Approve for manufacturing
Tracking your case

You can check the status of every order from the Dandy Portal (think Amazon-level live tracking) so you know when to schedule the next patient appointment.

  • Get real-time updates on every case
  • Track shipping and delivery dates
  • Plus you can view information on the go with the Dandy Mobile App

One workflow. Complete control.

Our crowns and bridges are delivered on time, consistently.

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Dandy crown and bridge lab materials

See why our restorations are made to last using the highest quality materials.

100% Digital lab

Go digital for every case

From crowns to implants to dentures and more, we’ve got you covered.

See how much you can save with by switching to a 100% digital lab with Dandy’s Cost Savings Calculator.

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FAQs about Dandy’s crown & bridge lab products

What is a Design Preview?

A Design Preview is a digital 3D rendering of the restoration design layered on top of the intraoral scan. A design preview shows the contours, shape, length of restorations along with a view of the margins designed on the case. Design previews can be rotated on-screen so you can see every aspect of the restoration before it’s fabricated.

Does Dandy need a full arch scan for a bridge?

We always recommend full arch scans to capture as much data about the patient’s occlusion or bite on the scan. Full arch scans also make it easy to simultaneously order a night guard for the patient.

Does Dandy do cosmetic wax-ups?

Yes, we do!

What is a Maryland bridge?

A Maryland bridge is a bridge without any preps – consisting instead of 1 or 2 wings that are bonded to abutments and a pontic in between. It is not typically a non-recommended option for long term restorations.

What is a Cantilever bridge?

A Cantilever bridge is a bridge where a pontic is not attached to 2 abutments – so one side of the bridge ends in the pontic. These are typically used in anterior restorations since the lack of an ending abutment limits the strength of the bridge.

I don’t retract at all, why do I need to start with digital dentistry?

Retraction is useful to ensure a clean line of sight to margins, especially when leveraging digital dentistry.

The final impression scan relies solely on the visibility of that crown prep’s margin, clear of any overlying gum tissue or blood. Neither the scanner, nor the design team, can see through any tissue obstructing their view of the margin. This obstruction increases the likelihood of poor margin fit as the design team can’t see the full anatomy and dimensions of that margin.If you have concerns about packing 2 cords, start with 1 cord, and then, only add a second cord as needed. The key is to provide a clear scan of the margin, and ultimately, you’ll find that double cord retraction will absolutely yield the best results in most cases.

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Clinical Case Study

The patient presented generalized gingivitis and subgingival decay leading the doctor to restore teeth #4-13 with 10 Aesthetic Zirconia crowns over five appointments. See the transformation—with images!
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Case Study: 10-Unit Zirconia Smile Transformation

Clinical Case Study

The patient presented generalized gingivitis and subgingival decay leading the doctor to restore teeth #4-13 with 10 Aesthetic Zirconia crowns over five appointments. See the transformation—with images!
See transformation