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Join the thousands of dentists who have delivered over 1.5 million happy smiles using the power of Dandy’s digital dentistry toolkit.

Plan details:
  • Free 3Shape TRIOS 3 scanner with a $1,000 minimum monthly lab spend
  • Month-to-month agreement with no long-term commitment
  • Dandy Chairside software with guided step-by-step workflows
Plan details:
  • Free 3Shape TRIOS 5 scanner with a $3,000 minimum monthly lab spend
  • Month-to-month agreement with no long-term commitment
  • Standard 3Shape Unite software scanning experience
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 Learn how we can partner together.

How to get started

1. Choose your plan
Talk with Sales to determine the best plan for your practice based on your scanner preferences and lab spend commitment.
2. Schedule your free training
Empower your staff with CE-credited intraoral scanner training to master digital workflows for any case – from simple to complex cases.
3. Place your first order
Get high-quality restorations with industry-leading turnaround times from our state-of-the-art full-service digital dental lab.

Partner with the full-service dental lab powering the future of dentistry

Experience accuracy and efficiency with every case from crowns to 2-appointment dentures.

Unlimited access to our technology and expertise

Experience a level of control never before possible.
Digital Design Previews

Modify, mark up, and visually collaborate on cases with our lab technicians. Once you’re confident – approve the case for final fabrication for a predictable result

Case Management Portal

Track your case’s progress through the production process, get precise delivery estimates, and make modifications without the hassle of calling the lab – saving you valuable time.

Live Scan Reviews

Get help perfecting your scan while your patient is in the chair – so you can be confident your impression will lead to a perfectly fitting restoration.

Mobile App

Manage your lab work on the go, approve designs, track cases, and chat with lab techs – all from your phone.

Clinical Support Team

Get real-time support with any question, whether you are looking for clinical or technical support. Need help with a scan or have questions about a case? Our expert team is always a click, call, or text away.

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  1. How to get started with Dandy
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Common plan questions you may have when partnering with Dandy
What is Dandy?

Dandy is the digital dental lab that empowers thousands of dental practices with innovative technologies to advance patient care and revolutionize the way they scan, order, and manage lab work. We help dentists increase accuracy from scan to delivery by providing the best intraoral scanner for free, real-time chairside guidance and intuitive case management tools.

With Dandy, dentists achieve the full potential of digital dentistry.

What is Dandy’s fee schedule?

We are happy to provide you with a full turnaround time and fee schedule here. We are a full-service digital dental lab with a full range of products: crown and bridge, implants, full dentures, partial dentures, splints and guards, sleep apnea devices, surgical guides, and more!

What is the price of an intraoral scanner with Dandy?

There is no cost to you! Reduce your scanner price to $0. Dandy provides you with a free 3Shape Trios scanner in exchange for doing your lab work with us. Our partnership is month-to-month, so there are no long-term contracts or commitments.

Dandy provides 3Shape Trios scanners to customers. Currently, we do not provide iTero, Medit or CEREC Primescan scanners.

How much does the Dandy Chairside and Portal software cost?

There is no cost to use our dental practice software! Dandy Chairside is our novel scanning and ordering workflow that allows you to quickly and comprehensively submit orders directly to the lab via multiple-choice questions. The Dandy Portal allows you to track your case’s progress through the production process, get precise delivery estimates, and make modifications without the hassle of calling the lab – saving you valuable time.

Can I use my own scanner?

Yes – Dandy is happy to work with your existing scanner. We currently partner with practices that have a Trios scanner. Talk with Sales to get started.

How does the Dandy lab minimum work?

Dandy will provide you with a free scanner, laptop, scanner cart, and unlimited scanning training. In exchange for this great offer, we just ask that you send us a certain amount of orders each month.

If there is a month where you do not surpass the monthly minimum, there will be an automated charge for the difference. However, if you know your office will be closed, just chat with our customer support team to avoid a charge.

What are the benefits of digital dentistry?

Digital dentistry offers several benefits. First, it ensures the highest quality of dental care by leveraging precise treatment planning and execution. Modern techniques and tools, such as the 3Shape Trios dental scanner and 3D printers, enhance efficiency and accuracy. Patients also benefit from a more comfortable experience and spend less time at the dentist. Reliable and accurate scans aid in diagnosis, and digital tools make early detection of dental issues possible.

In summary, digital dentistry provides efficiency, precision, and better patient outcomes than traditional approaches. Ditch the dental mold for digital dental impressions with Dandy.

What dental lab products does Dandy offer?

Dandy is a full-service dental lab offering a wide array of services, including 5-day zirconia crowns, eMax crowns, PFM crowns, metal crowns, dental bridges, eMax porcelain veneers, dental implants and dentures, clear aligners, clear retainers, and wire retainers (like a Hawley retainer).”

Whether you order a zirconia crown, an eMax crown, a PFM crown, or a gold crown from Dandy, you can rest assured that our cutting-edge digital workflows and meticulous craftsmanship will deliver superior quality and precision tailored to your specifications.

You can also order sleep apnea devices from Dandy, such as a mandibular advancement device, and appliances to treat TMJ/TMD, such as an NTI night guard.