Improve your dental practice efficiency with digital dental technology

Save money and grow your practice when you make your dental practice more efficient with Dandy.

Improve your dental practice efficiency with digital dental technology
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How to make your dental practice more efficient

Even if your practice has the same amount of facility resources, staffing levels, and clinical time commitment as other practices around you, they could have better numbers. Some doctors have significantly more output and profits, with the same amount of resources. These doctors are creating more efficiency within their practice, usually through adopting technology and digital dentistry workflows.

They’re saving money by not needing to purchase PVS and impression trays, driving higher case acceptance rates by offering more transparent treatment plans, and reducing chairside time by capturing higher-quality digital impressions, leading to better fitting restorations every time.

How to improve your dental practice efficiency

Time for impressions

When taking impressions using traditional PVS or alginate material, it can take 10-20 minutes from start to finish depending on the complexity of the case – and that’s if the impression is taken without any mistakes. Alternatively, a full mouth scan with an intraoral scanner takes about 5 minutes with much less room for error.

At what cost? Intraoral scanners are pricey but when you partner with Dandy, you’ll receive a 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner at no cost to you.

Save money on impression material

Turnaround times from your lab

As a dental practice, you have a lot of choices in who you work with for your lab work. Partnering with a lab that’s transparent about turnaround times the minute you place your order can help you schedule follow up appointments faster. When you work with Dandy, we immediately tell you how long it will take for your order to get to your office, making scheduling a breeze. Plus we deliver on-time more than 99% of the time.

Turnaround times from your lab

Lower your remake rate

A restoration may need to be refabricated or remade by the lab for a multitude of reasons—margin discrepancy, inability to seat the restoration, open contacts, excessive occlusal adjustment and poor color match, to name just a few. Being able to view your isolation and retraction digitally with intraoral scanners allows you to see where an impression may need to be retaken to prevent the chance of refabrication. Dandy offers live scan reviews, so you can have a technician review your scan while your patient is still in the chair to make sure the technician has everything needed to design and fabricate your restorations the way you want them.

Lower your remake rate
Talking to your dental practice owners about digitizing the lab experience
Conversation Guide

Talking to your dental practice owners about digitizing the lab experience

If you are ready to modernize, but you need help with the other decision-makers, here’s a guide to help communicate to the reluctant. Taking your practice digital can shorten appointment times thanks to improved efficiency and accuracy, and with the dentist’s time being a valuable commodity, this can free you up to concentrate on more important responsibilities throughout the day.

Save time and money with Dandy

Ready to take your practice digital and reap all the benefits? When you partner with Dandy, we make sure you and your whole team are trained and prepared to go digital. Let’s talk!

Case Study: 10-Unit Zirconia Smile Transformation

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The patient presented generalized gingivitis and subgingival decay leading the doctor to restore teeth #4-13 with 10 Aesthetic Zirconia crowns over five appointments. See the transformation—with images!
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