Cost savings

How much are your current dental workflows costing you? Dentists have trusted the same lab processes for decades, but what’s long-standing could be short-changing you! Dandy empowers dentists to achieve more: more cost savings, more time with your patients, and more for your dental business.

Answer a few quick questions and calculate how much more you can achieve with Dandy.

Question #01

Which of the following treatments do you perform?

(Choose all that apply)


Dandy’s turnaround time for all of these treatments is 3-5 days faster than your traditional lab.

Question #02

How many molds does your office make per month?

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Question #03

Does your practice use an intraoral scanner to take impressions?


It takes an average of 20 minutes to make a mold from start to finish, but only 3 minutes to use an intraoral scanner.

Question #04

Does your lab charge shipping costs?

Question #05

Does your staff need to fill out paperwork for every lab order?

Achieve more with Dandy

Your results are in – and we see you could achieve much more savings with Dandy!

Improve Turnaround Time

$ days
saved waiting for your lab orders

Take Faster Impressions

$ minutes
saved making molds

Save on Shipping Costs

saved monthly

Trim Time Spent on Paperwork

$ minutes
saved monthly