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Full metal crowns are a tried and true material for crown and bridge restorations. Gold is one of the most biocompatible materials in the world and a restorative material clinicians can trust. Its monolithic construction and performance provides a high-strength long lasting restoration. However, due to its aesthetics full metal crowns are most suitable for posterior restorations. 

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Dandy offers a variety of different full metal crowns with various strengths, durability, and aesthetics.
Dandy Full Gold Crowns
1,100 MPa Compressive Strength – 3,000 MPa
Available shades
Available shades
Gold Monochromatic
Margin Preparation
Margin Preparation
Chamfer or shoulder
Indicated Use
Indicated Use
Single unit molars
Primary Feature
Primary Feature
Biocompatibility and strength
Base Material
Base Material
Noble alloy, mostly gold

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Types of full metal crowns

Dandy offers full metal crowns with different classifications depending on the percentage of metal content present. 


  • Full Metal Non-Precious
  • Full Metal Semi-Precious Noble (61%)
  • Gold – High Noble – Yellow (41%)
  • Gold – High Noble – White (60%)
  • Gold – High Noble – Rich Yellow (88%)
Full indicated use for full gold crown

Full metal crown preparation

When preparing for a full metal crown, a shoulder or chamfer margin is preferable. The margin across the incisal or occlusal, axial walls, and shoulder should be 0.4 mm.

Full Gold Crown
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Full metal crown FAQ

Does Dandy mill gold crowns?

Yes – Dandy gold crowns are cast from a milled wax mold. They are solid gold, not milled from a block.

Is Dandy able to design on gold crowns?

Not at this time. We do offer a thin gold frame on the edges of the tooth and the remainder of the facial of the tooth is porcelain. View here for our PFM crown offerings for more information.

Are full metal crowns expensive?

Gold units vary in cost depending on market price. 

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