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Designed by experienced CDT’s, your digital treatment planning will be a breeze when you partner with Dandy.

Implant Surgery

Implant treatment planning with Dandy

Eliminate the guesswork in dental implant surgery planning

Your digital treatment plans are designed by experienced CDTs and start with the design of the final restoration in mind. Utilizing your patient’s CBCT scans, we intelligently plan your surgery for a predictable result.

Eliminate the guesswork in dental implant surgery planning

Review case planning with clinical support

When the treatment plan is complete, our planning team will do a live review via virtual treatment planning session, or we can send a video recording of the treatment plan for you to review at your convenience.

Review case planning with clinical support

Implant with confidence

Using a surgical guide in your workflow makes implant placement more accurate without relying on freehand methods and allows for implant selection of the optimal dimension for each specific location. We support planning and fabrication of tooth-supported, tissue-supported and pin-supported surgical guides.

Dental Implant surgical guide

Digital Implant Planning with Dandy resources:

I've been working with Dandy's Implant Surgery team for 1 year. They understand my process and produce customized guides for me and my patients. The guides produced fit well and work exactly as planned, and their understanding of the process is expert.

Dr. Lee Maniscalco, MD, DMD
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Scan Bodies

The guide to intraoral scan bodies: Everything you need to know

Dr. Moeen

How digital dentistry can prevent dental implant problems

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Frequently asked questions

What implant planning software does Dandy use?


What drill kits does Dandy surgical guide protocol support?

We support all major implant systems and can work with most other systems if put in contact with your implant representative (assuming the system supports guided surgery).

What is Implant Treatment Planning?

Implant treatment planning is the process by which a patient’s implant locations are planned using a combination of STLs (intraoral scans), and CBCT scans (3D X-Ray). This informs which implant types / sizes will be used during surgery and where they will be placed into the mouth to ensure a successful final restoration.

What is a surgical guide?

The final product of a treatment plan is a Surgical Guide, a 3-D printed acrylic device with titanium sleeves aligned to where the implants should be placed, which enables a safer, more accurate, and more successful surgery.

Can a Doctor plan a guided surgery case (aka treatment plan) and send the output to us for fabrication of a surgical guide?

Yes! Dandy would be happy to print the surgical guide based on the guided surgery treatment plan the doctor designs.

What printers does Dandy use to print the surgical guides on?

Top-of-the-line Carbon Printers, which offer the most accurate guides.

Are CBCT scans required for Dental Implant Treatment Planning?

Yes. Using Dandy’s Treatment Planning software, CBCT scans (or CT scans) are combined with a patient’s intraoral scans (STL) to create an accurate picture for implant placement.

Can I choose between Dandy printing my Surgical Guide design or printing Dandy’s designs at my office?

Yes! Dandy’s Implant Surgery program is designed to support every doctor’s unique needs.

What implant manufacturers/systems can Dandy treatment plan for?

Dandy is able to support nearly all implant manufacturers for treatment planning. For less common implant manufacturers, a Dandy Treatment Planner will coordinate directly with the implant manufacturer to get the correct specs for the plan.

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