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Now only accepting digital impressions

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Beginning November 1, 2022, Avadi will no longer accept physical impressions.

Starting now and after November 1st, all cases will need to be sent through Dandy using a Trios3 scanner provided by Dandy, with the exceptions of all-in-x cases.

The Dandy team is here to fully support you in that transition by offering a free 3Shape Trios3 scanner, free training, and ongoing support.

If you are ready to submit your first case, please call our customer care line to get you started.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? We’re here to chat!

If you have questions around training with Dandy, submitting your next case.

Transitioning from analog impressions to digital impressions can seem like a complex undertaking for many dentists.

Rest assured that digital impressions, intraoral scanners, and digital workflows are not things that take years to learn. In fact, most practices Dandy works with need only a few hours of training to get comfortable with digital dental technology.

Imagine how you would feel if Dandy simplified and integrated everything in your practice.

We’re on a mission to build the operating system for dentistry that serves as the dentist’s copilot for running their practice.

Dandy helps doctors achieve more
… efficiency
… time for patients
… peace of mind
… growth
… profit


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How Does The Avadi & Dandy Partnership Work?

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Start your order quickly by choosing the product you want to order, selecting the teeth that need attention, choosing the material, and get scanning.

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We built a system to measure your fit preferences down to the micron, so each product requires very little or no chairside adjustments.

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Review Order

Ordering is simple and intuitive. All your case information automatically flows into your order so you all you have to do is review and submit.

Get a Free Scanner

We equip dentists with a free intraoral scanner, step by step training, and a modern support team to help you easily adopt digital dentistry.

Dandy Chairside

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