Introducing Dandy Chairside

The easiest and fastest way to scan and order restorations

fewer steps for bridges
fewer steps for implants
faster scanning in Chairside

Case setup is intuitive and user-friendly

Digital impressions

Scanning is guided, making complex restorations a breeze

Free scanner

Communicate with your lab technician in real-time using Dandy’s chat feature

Customer service

Manage your lab work from any computer

Wow factor

Dandy’s digital denture workflows enable us to see more patients in a shorter amount of time, so we're working more effectively with our resources

Dr. Lucero
Grandview Dentistry
Clear aligners

How Dr. Botos Increased Production and Case Acceptance with Dandy

How Dr. Kevin To Built a Digitally Enabled Dental Practice with Dandy

How Dr. Kevin Built a Digitally Enabled Dental Practice with Dandy

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Modernization is the Key to Growth

If you’re looking for sustainable dental practice growth, it’s essential to start investing in modern digital tools and technology to drive success. Read the blog post linked below to learn more.