Grow Your Practice: Removables Bundle

With the ultimate digital removables and appliances bundle

partial dentures

Three essential resources on how to perform digital restorations for removables and appliances: night guards, clear aligners, and digital dentures.

About the Digital Removables Bundle

3 webinars, all your questions answered

Digital dentistry has become more and more popular over the past few years.

At Dandy, we’ve talked to hundreds of dental practices on how they’ve grown their practice services by performing different types of restorative procedures with digital dentistry – specifically dental removables and appliances.

To make your research process easy, we put together a bundle of resources to help you dive into performing the most lucrative restorative procedures using digital dentistry.

What you will learn:

  1. The benefits of digital dentures and 2-appointment denture scenarios
  2. How to incorporate aligners into your practice without high overhead or ortho experience.
  3. A comprehensive review of night guard materials, preferences and the best use for each
  4. Tips on how to grow your practice by adding more services to your practice


This bundle is completely free. You’ll get access to over three hours of video presentations from dentists just like you on how to go digital.

In this bundle:

  1. 1+-hour webinar: Digital Dentures: Stronger Dentures for a Stronger Patient Experience
  2. 1+-hour webinar: Unlock More Revenue With Clear Aligners: Dr. Botros Shares Her Best Practices
  3. 1+-hour webinar: Night Guards: Learn About Materials and Best Use Cases