Take Your Practice Digital Checklist

A practical checklist to transition into digital dentistry

Customer service

Plan your transformation in phases.

A dental practice is centered on the health of its patients. However, it is also a business.

Every business needs to stay on the cusp of progressive developments that will help it not only survive in an increasingly competitive field but also thrive in it. It is the age of the digital revolution in the field of dentistry.

Those who don’t take advantage of the benefits of digital workflows, technology, and tools may fall behind technologically and lose an edge over competitors.

As the popularity of digital dentistry rises, patients will purposefully look for, and expect these services, especially in restoration cases. So, it is time to take your practice digital.


Inside this book you’ll learn:

  1. How to formulate a plan to take your practice digital
  2. How to digitize your internal processes
  3. How to train your staff
  4. How to market your new digital workflows to your patients


And more!