Translucent Aesthetic Zirconia

Dandy’s translucent aesthetic zirconia is a perfect balance of strength and aesthetics for wide-range use. Zirconia that is digitally designed and manufactured for the highest level of precision and predictability.

>900 Mpa
5 day
turnaround time
Aesthetic Zirconia

Ideal Intended Use

Single and multiple single unit restorations with deep shoulder preparation and at least 1 mm of occlusal space

Aesthetic Zirconia

Full Indicated Use

  • Bridges with less than two pontics
  • Inlays and onlays can be done but are not recommended
  • No maryland bridges or veneers
Aesthetic zirconia
Transluscent Aesthetic Zirconia

Material Specifications

Aesthetic zirconia prep and thickness guidance

Dandy zirconia and eMax

Full contour anterior or posterior crown

Margin Preparation

Chamfer or shoulder.


Incisal or Occlusal: 1.5 mm

Axial walls: 1.2 mm

Shoulder: 1.0 mm


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