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Gelb Appliance

A Gelb appliance is a device that sits on the posteriors and repositions the mandible to control the positioning of the jaw and avoid excess force. In addition to controlling the positioning of the jaw, it also maintains the mandible arch shape. It brings the condyle into a more anterior, resulting in an inferior position in the fossa, and increases the vertical opening, which can relieve pain.

Gelb splint
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Appliance overview

The Gelb splint provides complete protection for the posterior and allows for more tongue space by cutting away the anterior coverage which is beneficial for patients who snore, have sleep apnea, and/or have a large tongue. However, the appliance does not retrain your patients’ muscles to actually prevent the root cause of their TMJ. 

gelb appliance

Gelb splint indications for use

Overview of appliance

Dandy Gelb splints are intended to reduce TMJ pain and discomfort. The devices are worn while sleeping to support patients’ TMJ in the position prescribed by the dentists. The appliances are removable by the patient.

Product Lifespan

Expect a 2-3 year product life with the appliance.

Replacement Signs

Appliance replacement signs are cracks in the acrylic and failure of the device to maintain retention
in the patient’s mouth.


All adjustments should be done by the prescribing dentist or physician.

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