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Hard night guard

Our hard night guards are thermoformed and are completely hard material. Hard occlusal guards provide more protection for the most severe cases of clenching and bruxism.

Hard night guard
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Hard night guard ideal use

Hard night guards are non-flexible and rigid, allowing the splint to stay in place and can help keep the teeth in position.
Our hard night guards are made with copolyester. We recommended these to be prescribed for patients who experience Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (dysfunction of the sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull that leads to pain and discomfort).

night guard materials

Hard night guard preferences with Dandy

Hard night guard thickness use cases:


This thickness is close to the same
as an Essix retainer. Therefore the patient should only be
receiving this if they are a very light bruxer.


This is the default thickness for the
standard bruxer patient.


This thickness is suggested for more severe bruxers.


The maximum thickness is reserved for the most severe cases of bruxism

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