Hard/Soft 3D Printed Night Guards

A harmonizing combination of strength to fight bruxism with softening thermodynamic flexibility for cloud-like comfort. This is the next evolution in night guard technology.

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High Performance Strength and Durability for Bruxism and TMD

Our 3D printed night guard material exhibits exceptional strength and performance. Hard/Soft 3D printed night guards protect patients against the effects of bruxism and TMD. It’s also a perfect insurance policy on the new crown you just seated.

Night Guard
hard/soft night guards

Digital design changes everything.

We’ve brought design from the lab bench to the desktop. The revolutionary virtual articulator establishes the desired contacts and function. Precise internal fit and retention are adjusted with our digital toolbox. And customization is easily added in the design process.

Heats and Softens for a Cloud-Like Fit

3D printed night guard material infused with thermodynamic properties becomes pliable when placed under hot water or when in the body. This helps create a stress-free seating appointment and a comfortable end-user experience. Dentistry is easier when there is no adjustments.

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Digital Makes Dentistry Easy

Your scan, Dandy’s digital in-house design team , and our 3D printing manufacturing process combines for an industry-leading digital workflow. This means more accuracy, less human error, and one-click remakes when patients need a new splint.

digital dentistry made easy

We’ve been very happy with Hard/Soft 3D printed night guards from Dandy. The comfort and durability of the material has been highly effective for my patients with bruxism and TMD

Dr. Blake Mulgrew, Aloha Dental

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How is the hard/soft 3D printed night guard different from a regular hard/soft?

Our 3D printed hard/soft is a one-piece printed splint, while our regular hard/soft is a dual-laminate analog produced splint. The 3D printed splint gets its “softness” from thermodynamic softening technology, while the inner layer of the hard/soft is softer than the outside.

I normally prescribe a hard/soft. Should I switch to hard/soft 3D printed?

Our Hard/Soft 3D Printed night guard is our recommended splint. We believe it’s capabilities prove to be a great alternative to your regular hard/soft.

Are 3D printed night guards safe for my patients?

Yes, we only produce our night guards with biocompatible FDA 510K approved resins.

Can Dandy add posterior disclusion, canine guidance, ramping, and other additions to my order?

Yes, we can. Tell us what you need in your order notes and it is almost always a simple addition.

Is the Hard/Soft 3D a dual laminate?

No, due to its 3D printing manufacturing method, our Hard/Soft 3D Printed Night Guard is one-piece.

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