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Hard/Soft Night Guard

Hard/Soft night guards (dual-laminate) take a special machine that combines heat and pressure to fuse two layers together. Our hard/soft night guards are thermoformed, and consist of a hard outer layering with a soft lining on the inside, which gives the night guard good durability, while also providing more comfort than a typical hard material night guard.

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Inner soft layer: Polyurethane

Outer hard layer: Copolyester

2-3mm, 4mm

Hard/Soft night guard ideal use

Hard Soft, dual-laminate night guards are best for moderate to severe bruxism.

With a soft inner layer that rests against the teeth and a hard outer layer made with the exact same hard material used to make the all-over hard dental night guard, the hard/soft night guard provides more comfort with a higher level of durability and protection.

night guard materials

Hard/Soft dual-laminate night guard preferences with Dandy

Hard/Soft night guard thickness use cases


Default thickness for standard bruxer


The maximum thickness is reserved for the most severe cases of bruxism

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