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NTI Splint

An NTI device is a small unobtrusive device on the anteriors that avoids occlusion of the posterior teeth to inhibit bruxism and relieve stress. NTIs mainly cover only teeth #6-9 on the maxillary arch. NTIs are used to prevent any form of bruxism and are used to treat TMJ cases where the root cause is a muscle problem or to relieve the pain of temporal headache patients.

NTI device
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NTI night guard ideal use

NTI devices completely prevent occlusion, so it retrains patient’s muscles to not brux at all, rather than mitigate the impact or pain. These appliances are also very helpful for temporal headache patients.
NTIs are great for treating TMD cases where the root cause is a muscle problem.
However, given the small size, some patients may struggle with retention.

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NTI Splint indications for use

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