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The lab of the future, designed and engineered to produce game-changing quality.


digital design

A new, state-of-the-art digital dental lab

Our unwavering commitment to digital dentistry shines through in our new, fully digital dental lab. Here, we blend craftsmanship, next-generation manufacturing technology, and rigorous data analysis to deliver unmatched quality and consistency to you and your patients.

the dental lab of the future
The lab of the future
A state-of-the-art fully digital dental lab, designed to unlock increased levels of consistency in product quality.
Quality enhanced by technology
Uniting the best of technician craftsmanship, the latest digital manufacturing technology, and rigorous data analysis to produce consistent quality dentists can rely on.
In-house clinical support
World-class clinical support team members now work side-by-side with our lab technicians to support you with challenging cases, so you can experience more predictable patient outcomes.

The dental lab built for the digital age

The latest digital manufacturing technology united with technician craftsmanship.

100% Digital Focus

We’re singularly focused on digital workflows, avoiding the back-and-forth between digital and analog methods. Committing to digital activates faster turnaround times, more consistent quality, and better patient experiences.

Carbon M3 and M3 Max 3D Printers

Equipped with some of the most precise 3D printers on the market, our extensive fleet—the largest of any single dental lab in the US—enables us to 3D print with high accuracy and repeatability so you experience fewer adjustments and more consistency.

Advanced Milling Production

Our zirconia and custom abutment milling machines sit in a climate-controlled environment. They are constructed from industrial-grade materials and weigh over 1,000 pounds each. Our teams monitor and calibrate these machines on a weekly basis. This attention to detail leads to higher consistency and predictable restorations.

World-Class Talent

On the lab floor, many of our technicians have 20+ years of industry experience. Our lab managers have been instrumental in pioneering and advancing the field of digital dentistry. Continuous improvement specialists analyze quality data on a daily basis and our R&D teams are hard at work testing future dental innovations!

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