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Invite Dandy to Your Next Event!

We love sharing our knowledge of digital dentistry while supporting the local dental community.

Part of a Local Study Club or Dental Society?

If so, consider inviting Dandy to participate in your next event!

Dandy has several industry experts on staff who can speak on a wide range of topics, from a high-level digital dentistry overview to an in-depth look at the two-appointment digital dentures workflow.

We can also support events through sponsorships, and our in-market dental consultants are always happy to connect with their local dental colleagues.

To connect with our Events team on coordinating an event, please choose an option below.

Request a Speaker or Sponsorship

If you have a specific event already planned and would like to invite Dandy to speak or sponsor, please click below to share the event details. We’ll review and follow up as soon as possible!

General Inquiries & Custom Programs

If you’d like to partner with Dandy on an event but don’t have a specific plan in mind just yet, let’s connect and get creative! We’re always happy to discuss custom programming.

About Dandy

Dandy has reimagined the traditional dental lab with technology and innovation to help you create better outcomes for your practice, your staff, and your patients.

We empower dental practices with the tools, technology, and world-class support they need to seamlessly transition to digital dentistry and simplify their workflow from end-to-end.

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