Learn Digital Dentures With Dandy

Dentures Online Course

Giving Away Our Secrets

Dandy offers fully digital workflows for both partials and dentures that can cut down the number of appointments needed from as many as 6-8 down to 2 appointments. We’ll show you exactly how your dentures workflows will change with interactive videos performed on a real dentures patient.


About The Course

The average dental practice today has overhead expenses of between 70-80%. This depends on things like Hours of Operation, the patient demographic in your area, and the types of work you offer.

With costs rising for everything from supplies to patient retention, we’re seeing many practices do not do removables (Dentures/Partials) at all because they either can’t find a lab for it, or it takes way too long and too many steps for it to be worth the hassle.

With digital, it’s actually possible to make removables an important part of your practice’s revenue stream.

This course will walk you through how you can do everything from immediate dentures to copy dentures and a full set of dentures in as little as two appointments


Day 1: Introduction to Digital Dentistry

Day 2: Reference/Copy Workflow Using Intraoral Scanners

Day 3: Immediate Dentures Workflow and Extraoral Scanning

Day 4: Washes and Impression Scanning

Day 5: Wax Bite Rim Workflow

Day 6: Wrap Up and Customer Story