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You have options when it comes to straightening your teeth with clear aligners. Here's why we're the right one.

Teeth Straightening Aligners
Dandy Clear Aligners

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Dandy Aligners

D-I-Y Aligners

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Dandy Aligners


DIY Aligners

Dandy Uses Real Dentists


Professional supervision

Our process always starts with an in-person dentist visit. You'll see one of our carefully vetted dentists, ensuring that any potential problems are caught
early on.

Better Results Than DIY


Remote treatment

You wouldn't attempt any other medical procedure without seeing a professional, so why would you straighten your teeth that way?

Invisible Aligners At Home


Beautiful, healthy bites

Straighter teeth are just one part of a confident smile. You also want a healthy bite. Because we work with best-in-class doctors, we can fix underbites, overbites, and other alignment issues.

Better Than Impression Kits


Cosmetic enhancements

Some aligner companies just fix your front six teeth. While this can make your smile look straighter, it can also ruin your bite in the process.

Hi Tech 3D Scanners


3D digital scans

Every treatment begins with a 3D impression of your mouth. By using state-of-the-art technology, we get super accurate impressions the first time and you get invisible aligners at home sooner.

At-Home Impression Kits


At-home impression kits

DIY clay impression kits leave a lot of room for error—something you definitely don't want when straightening your teeth. Poorly fitting aligners are not only painful, they can also make your smile worse. 


Here's the secret

Our dentists give us some serious superpowers

IPR Procedure


Overcrowding? No problem. With IPR, our dentists can quickly create more space between your teeth to achieve better results. 



These small, tooth-colored shapes help your aligners apply the right amount of pressure in the right direction, making complicated tooth movements easy.

Fillings & More

Fillings & more

Need fillings, cleanings, or other dental work before getting started with aligners? Our dentists will get your mouth in tip-top shape.

Dandy Teeth Straightening Aligners

Quality that won't
break the bank

You shouldn't have to compromise to get the smile you deserve. We offer convenient, high-quality care without the hefty price tag. With a clear, transparent pricing structure and low monthly payments, Dandy makes straightening your teeth affordable.

Dandy's Invisible Aligners At Home

Some things aren't made to D-I-Y

Moving teeth around is no joke. It’s a medical procedure, even if you’re doing it from your own home. That’s why we hand-picked the top dentists in the industry to partner with us.

Dandy Aligners

Partners that are dedicated to you

If you’re willing to put in the hard work to straighten your teeth, then you deserve a partner who’s willing to work just as hard. We have a team of dedicated smile specialists who will help you get the job done. No matter what you need, we’ll be there to help.   


"The Dandy team has been very responsive and helpful throughout the process! From the initial Snapshot to starting treatment, everyone involved has kept the lines of communication open and addressed all questions."

Anna B. / 8 MONTHS

It feels a bit like Christmas morning every time I put a new set of aligners in. The product is high quality and the customer service far exceeds any expectations. You will be in good hands with Dandy!

Netanya D. / 8 MONTHS

Dandy (Formerly Orthly)

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