Why We Love the 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

3 shape intraoral scanner

This user-friendly, cutting-edge, do-everything scanner is bringing the future of dentistry into the palm of your hand.

In recent years, advancements in the world of tech have brought forth a revolution in imaging. Some dentists may remember a world before 3D imaging of any kind was made possible. Or when full arch scans were first introduced in 2006. We’ve come a long way.

The Problem: Limiting Technology

3D imaging and full arch scans are now essential tools for every practice, improving both accuracy and outcomes. But practices still using outdated, inefficient, and unreliable tools are at a significant disadvantage compared to those who have already adopted the newest technology, wasting precious appointment time prepping impression trays and waiting for molds to set. This compounds into fewer available appointments for existing patients and less bandwidth for taking on new ones.

With digital impressions, labs can access scans within minutes, unlike traditional impressions that lose several days, if not more, to the shipping process. As shipping delays due to supply chain issues become more routine, those days in transit become increasingly and unpredictably inefficient.

Dentistry has always pulled technology from other disciplines into new and exciting applications, resulting in tremendous improvements for practices, staff, and patients. In the last decade, intraoral scanning has quickly become the newest innovation poised to revolutionize the industry.

The Solution: Going Digital

Intraoral scanners are the future: streamlined processes with shorter wait times, fewer revisions, and better care, allowing dentists the opportunity to leverage the time they save to invigorate, expand, and optimize their practices. For those on the cutting-edge, the question is not if, but which one?

Here is a side-by-side comparison of 4 top intraoral scanner models

intraoral scanner comparison chart

What we look for in scanners: reliability, usability, accuracy, speed, efficiency, and versatility.

There are many intraoral scanners currently available on the market. At Dandy, we did the research. The iTero Element 5D boasts good software, but a bit of video lag and soft-tissue interference, making it less effective for crowns and bridges. The Medit is small, fast, and lightweight, but difficult to use, creating more quality inconsistency and requiring more training. The Primescan is clear and fast, but large and in need of an additional full unit of sizable and expensive equipment, making it far more cost-inefficient and complex to operate. The 3Shape? Well, read on to learn why it’s our top pick.

Why 3Shape?

The 3Shape TRIOS is a standout. It’s small, lightweight, and impressively fast, while extremely accurate – with very little training required.


Compared to conventional impressions with a mean discrepancy of 50 micrometers, intraoral scanners offer production within between 30 and 15 micrometers of accuracy. The 3Shape TRIOS, with its consistently clear imaging, is one of the most commonly used devices in clinical research on intraoral scanning accuracy with impressive results.


The 3Shape TRIOS offers consistent, high-quality scans with less training than other scanners, leaving less room for human error. This ease of use allows for smooth integration into any practice with very little onboarding required, and immediate improvements in efficiency.


Conventional impressions take an average of 11 minutes to create, while the 3Shape TRIOS is among the fastest scanners on the market; able to produce a full arch scan in 60 seconds, saving patients from the discomfort of the traditional impression process.


The 3Shape TRIOS scans expertly for crowns and bridges, as well implants and removables, making it an ideal multi-use tool. This is partly due to the 3Scan’s exemplary soft tissue filtering, an issue dentists often don’t realize is affecting the quality of their scans.


The 3Shape TRIOS’s software seamlessly integrates with lab ordering platforms, which can be easily incorporated into the scanning process, eliminating the need to download and upload large image files. It may be helpful to work with a lab partner which accommodates these scans directly in their ordering system.

When the 3Shape TRIOS is paired with a digital lab like Dandy, the experience is effortless. Complete digital integration from scanner to lab means fewer revisions, fewer delays, and less time adjusting in the chair. The result? A more efficient practice with happier patients and room to grow.

And we’ll be honest, it not only makes your job easier, it also makes our job easier.

It’s clear we love the 3Shape TRIOS.  We love our digital dental scanner so much, we give it away.

Why do we do this?

Intraoral scanners are a significant initial investment. In giving the 3Shape to every team we serve, we hope to empower practices of all sizes with the opportunity to go digital. There should be no barrier to entry for game-changing innovation. We see this technology transforming dentistry and we want to be a partner in that evolution.