How Expanding His Dental Education Led Dr. Steve Galvan to Discover Dandy

In northern California, east of San Francisco, lies the city of Fairfield. It was there that Dr. Steve Galvan started his practice in 1995. Three years later, he opened a second office in Concord, California. Together they deliver impeccable smiles to patients in Solano County, Contra Costa County, and Napa County. With someone who is committed to their job as a dental healthcare provider, like Dr. Galvan, there is a demand for constant growth and development of their craft, including technology, tools, and software.

Some dentists consistently elevate their technique, performance, and patient experience through constant education. These dental professionals are individuals and practices that Dandy is always proud to partner with, and Dr. Galvan is one of those practitioners. He always chooses to increase his knowledge of oral health by attending international and national seminars sponsored by different groups. Not only is Dr. Galvan a member of the ADA (American Dental Association) and the CDA (California Dental Association), but also SDS (Solano Dental Society). He also participates in study groups with local area oral surgeons and dentists. Most of all, Galvan Dental is a dental practice devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of the patient’s smile using state-of-the-art procedures. So, when Dr. Galvan was in the market for an intraoral scanner (IOS) while transitioning to full digital dentistry, he brought all his capabilities into his decision-making. That is when he discovered Dandy at the California Dental Association conference. 

Naturally, there are people who are skeptical. But not Dr. Galvan. He is a researcher at heart. Initially, he thought, “It was too good to be true,” Dr. Galvan explained. Then he said, “Let me see what’s going on. Then, I did the math and [examined] everything it says. I’m paying the same lab fees. Yeah, well, why not?” We take that as a compliment, especially from someone who has been practicing, a practice owner, and in business for over 30 years. Anyone who can see what Dandy offers and understands our innovation in the dental field will also know what a genuine ‘deal’ the intraoral scanner is. 

Expanding workflows.

Incorporating digital dentistry into your workflows is a big transition. It takes careful consideration of offerings to ensure they align with what you provide as a dentist. 

Galvan dental offers the gamut of dental procedures—cleaning and prevention, cosmetic dentistry, treatment of periodontal disease, and restorations. The one offering that Dr. Galvan was looking to enhance full and partial dentures. After finding success, he is now moving on to clear aligners and night guards.

Like many, Dr. Galvan used alginate impressions in the past. But he needed help with delivery dates. The scanner, he found, works well, especially with pressing delivery around certain holidays. “It works faster, faster, faster. I can guarantee finishing the job before the holidays in a shorter period of time.”

To get the results, Dr. Galvan realized he had to put in the work with a scanner to maximize his training capabilities and get the results that he wanted. He was particularly taken with the training, the time, and the attention to his needs.

“The training, the technical training is there,” Dr. Galvan shared. “Especially from a baby boomer dentist, that’s really very difficult.”

Dandy has heard this repeatedly. The ease of use of the intraoral scanner and the minimum learning curve for the device and software make it a favorite. That means dentists and practitioners are finding a quick time to value by bringing it into their office. After all, there is no upfront investment as in a purchase with other intraoral scanners. This fact is more appealing when users discover how quick it is to learn to operate our IOS.

As Dr. Galvan said, “do the math.” If you are seeking to expand your workflows with digital dentistry, the logical first step is an intraoral scanner. “Yeah, it was still good to be true. But, hey, I’m not paying for anything. There’s no commitment. What do I have to do? Return it if it doesn’t work.” That seems logical.

High-tech tools, superb products, and top-quality support.

Dandy’s support and customer service received high praise from Dr. Galvin. “Training is very good. And, customer service is top quality,” he shared.

Patients are also impressed by the Dandy intraoral scanner. They are remarking on how Dr. Galvan is “going high tech.” This comment has been reported to us many times. It indicates that the trust factor has risen, and the patient appreciates that the practice is taking steps to stay current on technology and tools. This is true, especially for younger millennial patients who like to see cutting-edge tech in the dental environment. But overall, Dr. Galvan has witnessed the impact of Dandy on case acceptance.

Then, there is Dandy’s lab production. “The fit is really superb,” Dr. Galvan said confidently. However, if there is a problem, he noted that Dandy could quickly remedy the situation. Dandy “keeps their word,” Dr. Galvan expressed. “I mean, even up to now. ‘Oh, the shade is off? How do you want it? Just tell me the new shade, and then we’ll send it to you. You’ll get it next week.’”

When asked what would he say to new dentists searching to upgrade their workflows, transition into digital dentistry, and utilize the benefits of Dandy? He pointed to how his practice has changed and his success. “It’s now a millennial office with a baby boomer doctor.”