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Partner with Dandy. Get a Free Scanner.
Dandy makes it easy to go from impression molds to digital scans at no cost to you.
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Dr. Geoffrey Stefko
Buckeye Dental, Cleveland Ohio
Dandy helped take my practice from B+ to the A practice that I always wanted Buckeye Dental to be.
$30kin upfront costs saved
75%faster crown delivery
85%reduced remake rates
Get started with digital dentistry quickly and easily.
Start with a free scanner
Dandy gives you everything you need to start for free -- including an intraoral scanner.
Get step-by-step training
We provide your entire practice with free training to make sure your staff is comfortable, confident, and ready to go with Dandy.
Say goodbye to paperwork
With Dandy, you’ll submit your orders instantly and can track them in real time-- bypassing all of the complicated, error-prone forms.
Cut down turnaround time
By being a fully-digital dental lab, we are able to instantly receive your scan, create your products, and get them shipped directly to you at a fraction of the time.
Put the custom in customer service
The Dandy platform remembers all of your custom preferences from shading to sizing. And if you ever need anything, our staff is only a chat away.
We’re putting our money where our mouth is
On average, Dandy practices see
$30kSaved upfront
76%Faster delivery
89%Reduction in remakes
Trusted by dentists across the US
Our practice loves your service. I think this is a fantastic way to get into digital dentistry for those that are hesitant.
Dr. Nish Dalal
Dentistry by Design
It’s going to be a gamechanger for my practice. You offer a model that sets the bar higher for other labs.
Dr. Wynatte Chu
Wynatte Chu, DDS
We feel spoiled with this crown quality. They have all been perfect fits.
Dr. Broc Flores
Ortega River Dentistry