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Digital Bundle

Intraoral scanner comparison 2023: Pros and cons of the top scanners

Sleep apnea dental appliance

What is the best oral appliance for sleep apnea to recommend to your patients

Dandy Dental Study: Patient Experience

Dandy Dental Study: Patient Experience


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Dental practice overhead

Dental office overhead percentages: Where does your practice land?

Dandy Dental Study - Patient Experience

What do dental patients care about the most?

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Dandy Lehi Dental Lab technician

How to choose the best dental lab for your practice

Dandy Digital Summit: The peak of practice efficiency

The difference between a digital dental lab and an analog lab

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Dental Lab In-House

Should you bring your dental lab in-house?

Dandy Dental Study: Patient Experience

Dandy Dental Study: Patient Experience

Dental molds as trash

How to become a more sustainable dental practice

Dental office equipment

Dental office equipment: 5 pieces that are actually worth every penny 

Inside of beautiful dental office with plants

Low-maintenance plants to brighten up your dental office

Dental office decor tips and where to buy art

Wistia background video
Customer service

7 new dental technologies your office needs in 2023

Over 75% faster delivery means happier patients.

A doctor communicating with a patient in the chair

How to introduce your dental patients to new technology