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of U.S. dentists will be digital this year

The majority of American dental practices are already digital. And according to our research, more than half of practices still operating in analog say they soon plan on utilizing an intraoral scanner. While the practice down-the-block may not be digital yet —chances are they will be soon.

Dentists are embracing the effective advancements, but are dental lab partners keeping up?


Your end-to-end solution for digital dentistry

Powering your practice every step of the way

Free scanner

We provide a best-in-industry intraoral scanner for free—saving practices about $30,000 in upfront costs. To remain on the cutting edge, Dandy conducts ongoing research and development on the best intraoral scanners in the market.

Free scanner

Training & Support

While some companies sell you a scanner and say “Good luck,” we’ll conduct CE-accredited training to you and your staff for free. And the support is ongoing, you can chat with Dandy’s expert lab team in real-time—even while the patient is still in the chair.

CE training and support

Intuitive software

Dandy’s free proprietary Chairside software is the fastest, easiest way to scan patients and submit lab cases all in one place. Chairside offers optional step-by-step guidance throughout the scanning process so it’s easier to complete more complicated procedures like full dentures and implants.

Intuitive dental software

Fully digital lab

Our state-of-the-art dental labs—bolstered by flagship facilities in New York and Utah—are driven by the latest advancements in global dental technology. As they were designed exclusively for digital workflows, the quality, consistency, and turnaround times are unrivaled.

fully digital dental lab

Achieve your practice’s potential through digital dentistry

Dentists love the Dandy difference

Hear why Dandy is the trusted lab solution for practices across the country.
Going 100% digital forces you to get the hang of good digital scanning and then you start to reap the benefits of faster turnaround times, faster outcomes, and happier patients
Dandy’s digital denture workflows enable us to see more patients in a shorter amount of time, so we’re working more effectively with our resources
Scanning has made it a breeze and much easier to introduce Clear Aligners to our patients and capture accurate impressions.

Really make an impression with Dandy

Dandy is the only end-to-end partner for dental practices incorporating digital dentistry. See what’s possible with us:

Remake reduction
Average reduction in remakes 
with Dandy’s labs.
2-Appt Dentures
Yes, dentures in two appointments are possible with Dandy.
WOW factor
Improve patient experience powered by Dandy.

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It takes an average of 20 minutes to make a mold from start to finish, but only 3 minutes to use an intraoral scanner.