The Top 5 Benefits of a Digital Workflow for Dentistry According To Real Dentists

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In dentistry, a strong workflow is essential to good patient care and a thriving practice. No one knows this better than practicing dentists.

A digital workflow offers many valuable benefits to any practice– some are obvious and can often be the primary drivers for going to digital dental impressions, while others become clearer once you’ve made the switch.

Intraoral scanners allow dentists to eliminate various steps when doing impressions, allowing you to achieve faster turnaround times—making your practice (and business) more efficient.

So, we asked real dentists across the country what they love most about their digital workflows and what aspects of the digital process have made the biggest impact on their practices.

The Top 5 Benefits Of A Digital Workflow for Dentistry

1. Accuracy and Efficiency

Intraoral scanners allow dentists to eliminate various steps when doing impressions, allowing you to achieve faster turnaround times—making your practice (and business) more efficient.

Improved visualization accuracy leads to more consistent restorations, with fewer chairside adjustments or costly re-dos. And without needing to order trays and PVS supplies, there is less operational burden, as well as money saved on impression materials. Overall, revenue increases through faster operator turnover and happier patients.

2. An Elevated Patient Experience

Patients are increasingly seeking dental practices that are more tech-forward.

Why? They want faster appointments, more comfortable impressions, a shorter turnaround time for restorations, and better (and quicker) fits for their restorative procedures. A digital scan can elevate what might once have been a dreaded dental experience, contributing to higher retention and referral rates.

“It’s a lot faster in the office, and patients love it. They talk to their friends about it, they talk to their family about this technology, and that was a reason [for] new patient referrals to the office.”

Layla Baidas, DDS
Signature Smiles of Park Ridge

3. Visuals Enhance Case Acceptance

If patients better understand what is happening with their teeth and gums, they become more invested in their own care.

Seeing the inside of their mouths on a screen can trigger a participatory reaction, and patients become more invested in treatment as a response— a win-win for patients and dentists alike.

“Digital dentistry has allowed me to show patients what I am doing. It has made the whole appointment educational.”

Delaney Spaulding, DMD
Ross Bridge Dentistry

4. Sustainability

As climate change becomes less theoretical, many dental practices are looking for more sustainable ways to manage their businesses.

Thankfully digital scanning is better for the environment and your bottom line. No more PVS, trays, or other impression-making materials—and less administrative burden of inventorying, managing, and ordering these supplies. Digital dentistry also sets practices up for long-term sustainability, which may also pay off down the line if selling your practice is part of your retirement strategy.

5. Exponential Benefits Of Modernization

Modernizing operations energizes a practice, making it a more attractive place to work and a more enticing opportunity for future buyers, if you plan to sell.

Many newer dental health professionals prioritize working with digital technologies and look for practices that employ them. Adopting digital workflows can make your practice more attractive for talent acquisition and retention, and you’ll reap the benefits from increased patient referrals.

“Intraoral scanning technology is re-energizing. It’s something new; it’s fresh. I really think digital technologies are the now and the future of dentistry.”

Eric M. Block, DMD, CAGS, FICOI
The Stress Free Dentist

There are so many reasons to go digital– whether you’re in it for outcomes, efficiency, patient experience, the planet, or increasing the value of your practice. What will yours be?