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Offering clear aligners can have a huge impact on overall patient experience and your bottom line. Simply adding one clear aligner case per week could mean an additional $200K in annual revenue to your practice.

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Clear aligners for the general dentist

Take advantage of orthodontic support and grow your practice

Everything you need to offer clear aligners
Get orthodontic support, patient marketing materials, and more.
Industry leading turnaround times
12 day turnaround from case submission to aligners in office.
Quality materials
Dandy clear aligners are made with Zendura FLX material, the #1 independently used material by orthodontists for clear aligners.

Grow your practice with clear aligners

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Clear aligners made for the general dentists

As a general dentist, you’ll get the chance to be a part of our Aligners mentorship program, where you can ensure you’re providing the best care by taking advantage of:

  • Comprehensive case support and management
  • Case review videos discussing each submitted case and treatment plan
  • Progress reviews for case guidance and troubleshooting
  • Ongoing education from our team of experts
Everything your patient needs

We help you manage simple to complex cases with competitive pricing across our offerings. Patients will walk out the door thrilled with their new investment. Every clear aligner case comes in premium packaging and includes:

  • A custom tote bag
  • Travel pouch
  • Welcome kit
  • Chewies
  • 3-in-1 aligner cleaner
  • A premium aligner case.
Ortho-proposed treatment plans

The treatment plans you’ll receive are designed by experienced ortho designers and dentists with review from orthodontists before proposed to you

  • Fewer revisions, refinements, and higher quality treatment plan

Turnaround times


From scanning to delivery in 8 business days

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Aligner treatment plan designed by Ortho team
Treatment plan is proposed to doctor
Clear aligners are manufactured and delivered
100% Digital lab

Go digital for every case

From crowns to implants to dentures and more, we’ve got you covered.

Explore Dandy’s Clear aligner offerings

Choose from three different clear aligner offerings that allow you to be flexible with treatment plans you offer your patients.


Dandy On Demand

Steps: Any number of steps

Description: A flexible option designed to fit the exact needs of your patient

Refinements: Available add-on

Retainer: Available add on

Dandy 20

Steps: Up to 20 steps

Description: The perfect option for <1 year treatment

Refinements: 1 refinement

Retainers: 1 set included

Dandy Max

Steps: Unlimited steps

Description: An all-inclusive option for all treatment types

Refinements: Unlimited refinements

Retainers: 2 sets included

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Frequently asked questions

How long should Dandy Aligners be worn for?

Patients should wear their aligners 20-22 hours per day. Dandy clear aligners should be taken out only for brushing, cleaning, eating, and drinking anything except for cool water.

For how many weeks should a single set of Dandy Clear Aligners be worn for?

We recommend you start with a 14-day wear cycle. For healthy, young, compliant patients, you can reduce wear cycles to 10 or even 7 days. In other situations, wear cycles may be increased.

Does Dandy provide a gradual simulation view of aligners for aligned cases?

Yes, we provide a 3D treatment plan visualization in the Dandy portal once the design is complete. Doctors can request revisions to the provided treatment plan if desired.

Does Dandy incorporate attachments and/or IPR?

Yes. Most plans will include attachments for movement predictability, but IPR will be used sparingly. You can give us any specific instructions for attachments and IPR during case submission.

Does Dandy charge for clear aligner treatment plans?

No. Case submission is free for all plans. Doctors will get invoiced only at the point of approval for manufacturing.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are orthodontic devices made of clear plastic that are placed over a patient’s teeth to guide them into place sequentially by applying gentle and consistent force.

How far do the Dandy clear aligners extend on the gingiva?

Dandy clear aligners are trimmed right at the gum line. We cannot trim it below the line, mainly due to the fact that if we trim below the line then we lose coverage and the teeth won’t shift according to plan. You can use scissors and a polishing wheel to adjust the trim lines manually.

Does Dandy have marketing materials our dental practice can use to attract and educate patients?

Yes we do! Contact our team today to become a Dandy dentist and learn more.

Can a doctor that is not an orthodontist bill insurance for clear aligners?

Yes! All dentists are able to bill under the ortho benefit. One important item to note is that ortho benefits usually have a separate lifetime max and deductible.

What types of orthodontic cases are typically treated with clear aligners?

Clear aligners are involved in the treatment of crowded teeth, overbites, crossbites/underbites, diastemas (gaps between teeth), and open bites.

Clinical Case Study

The patient presented generalized gingivitis and subgingival decay leading the doctor to restore teeth #4-13 with 10 Aesthetic Zirconia crowns over five appointments. See the transformation—with images!
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