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Night guards
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Night Guards & Splints with Dandy

Durability with comfort that patients love

Increase case acceptance and offer your patients night guards they won’t mind wearing every night. With Dandy, you have access to industry-leading materials. Our Hard/Soft 3D printed night guard with thermodynamic technology makes for a comfortable fit that patients love.

dental lab night guard

Add a digital night guard in one click

Digital workflows make adding a night guard to restorative cases as easy as one click. Add a night guard to your crown, implant or other restorative cases to help protect opposing dentition. Plus, we save scans so reordering is easier than ever before.

Treatment plans to fit every patient

Increase your practice’s profitability

Bruxism and TMJ cases are on the rise and adding digital night guards is a great insurance policy on that new crown or implant you just seated. Dandy makes it easy to offer night guards without adding extra work or appointments.

Increase practice profits by offering night guards

Explore Hard/Soft 3D printed night guards

A harmonizing combination of strength to fight bruxism with softening thermodynamic flexibility for cloud-like comfort. This is the next evolution in night guard technology.

Night guards

Explore Dandy dental lab night guard resources:

hard/soft night guards

Guide to TMJ dental appliances, deprogrammers, and splints

types of night guards

Types of night guards: digital vs traditional workflow

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Frequently asked questions

How does Dandy deliver night guards? Do they come in a case?

Yes – case and models are included in Dandy night guards.

Does Dandy offer thermoplastic “thermofit” night guards?

If you are looking for a night guard that is thermodynamic, then yes. Our Hard/Soft 3D Printed is a great option for this. Contact our team to learn more!

Does Dandy offer night guards that can be adjusted when placed into hot water?

Yes, our Hard/Soft 3D Printed Night Guards are adjustable after being placed in hot water

Is there a certain material Dandy would recommend for a serious grinder/clencher that is having serious TMJ issues?

For the most serious cases of bruxism a doctor should use Hard material with 4mm thickness.

Does Dandy offer Sport Guards?

Yes. Dandy sports mouthguards provide superior fit and retention compared to boil-and-bite mouthguards. Contact our team to learn more!

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