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As a crown and bridge dental lab, our products are made with industry leading materials, offering a variety of strength and aesthetic options for all of your crown and bridge needs.

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Fit to your preferences

Great-fitting restorations start with high-fidelity digital design. From day one, we align with your clinical preferences, including occlusal contact tightness, interproximal contacts, and more to drive consistent fit. These preferences save in your profile and can be adjusted at any time to ensure we’re delivering what you need for every case.

Crowns and bridges fit to your preferences

Increased precision with digital workflows

Digital impressions are highly accurate and streamline the digital design and manufacturing process. Digitally designed restorations and design previews for your review give you control over the quality and fit of the final restoration.

crown and bridge lab

Continuous improvement

Unlike other labs, our quality gets better with every case we complete together. We utilize digital order feedback, ongoing case preference tracking, and live case reviews to continuously improve patient outcomes. Our steadfast commitment to quality is most obvious chairside, where little-to-no chairside adjustment is required.

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Crown and Bridge Dental Lab Resources

Retraction techniques for digital dentistry

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Interproximal Scanning for crown and bridge cases

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The best crown and bridge prep styles for digital dentistry

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Worry-free restorations

Dandy has a steadfast commitment to providing high-quality restorations that reduce chairtime and lead to successful patient outcomes. We strive to achieve drop-in fit for every case. Digital workflows drive efficiency, so crowns arrive at your office in as little as 5 business days.

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Asked Questions about Dandy’s Crown & Bridge products

What is a design preview?

A design preview is a digital 3D rendering of the restoration design layered on top of the intraoral scan. A design preview shows the contours, shape, length of restorations along with a view of the margins designed on the case. Design previews can be rotated on-screen so you can see every aspect of the restoration before it’s fabricated.

Does Dandy need a full arch scan for a bridge?

We always recommend full arch scans to capture as much data about the patient’s occlusion or bite on the scan. Full arch scans also make it easy to simultaneously order a night guard for the patient.

Does Dandy do cosmetic wax-ups?

Yes, we do!

What is a Maryland Bridge?

A Maryland bridge is a bridge without any preps – consisting instead of 1 or 2 wings that are bonded to abutments and a pontic in between. It is not typically a non-recommended option for long term restorations.

What is a Cantilever Bridge?

A Cantilever bridge is a bridge where a pontic is not attached to 2 abutments – so one side of the bridge ends in the pontic. These are typically used in anterior restorations since the lack of an ending abutment limits the strength of the bridge.

I don’t retract at all, why do I need to start with digital dentistry?

Retraction is useful to ensure a clean line of sight to margins, especially when leveraging digital dentistry.

The final impression scan relies solely on the visibility of that crown prep’s margin, clear of any overlying gum tissue or blood. Neither the scanner, nor the design team, can see through any tissue obstructing their view of the margin. This obstruction increases the likelihood of poor margin fit as the design team can’t see the full anatomy and dimensions of that margin.If you have concerns about packing 2 cords, start with 1 cord, and then, only add a second cord as needed. The key is to provide a clear scan of the margin, and ultimately, you’ll find that double cord retraction will absolutely yield the best results in most cases.

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