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We have transformed conventional denture workflows using digital tools and training to simplify and improve the denture fabrication process for you and your patients. Our digital dentures take less time and can be completed in as little as two appointments.

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Quality enhanced by technology

Digital dentures don’t have to be difficult

2-Appointment Dentures
Intraoral scanning allows you to offer digital dentures that can be completed in as little as two appointments.
Superior fit and aesthetics
Our team of experienced designers ensure the most challenging and complex cases fit perfectly, while using the latest 3D Carbon printers.
Expert support and training
It’s easy to adopt digital dentures through hands-on, personalized training.

Start offering 2-appointment dentures

Here’s how:
Immediate Denture Workflow

Immediate dentures can easily be ordered with Dandy in two easy appointments. This workflow works for patients with existing dentition or post extraction.

  • Step 1: Extraorally scan the existing appliances and intraorally scan the bite.
  • Step 2: Seat the new denture.
Copy or Reference Denture Workflow

The following workflow is applicable for patients using an existing denture to establish their VDO and / or bite and should be used for fabricating a new denture using a current full or partial denture as a reference or relining and/or making an exact copy of a current denture.

  • Make any necessary adjustments to the existing denture to ensure fit and correct VDO.
  • Remove denture and apply light body wash (avoid excess material).
  • Place denture in the patient’s mouth and have the patient move lips and move tongue side to side, and gently push down on the denture. Let the denture sit while the impression material sets.
  • Remove and trim off any excess impression material, especially on the occlusal surface.
  • If teeth are significantly worn down, use blue mousse to fill the bite on the occlusal surface to verify that the VDO is correct.
Fully Edentulous Workflow

The following workflow is applicable for patients with no existing dentition or appliance to establish their VDO and / or bite,

  • Take upper and lower intraoral scans
  • After receiving the wax bite rim from Dandy, guide the wax bite rim into the patient’s mouth to get an accurate bite
  • Apply light body wash to the wax bite rim for border molding and accuracy.
  • Clearly mark the wax bite rim with the patient’s smile lines, canine lines, and midlines.
  • Add blue mousse to register bite.
  • Take photos of the patient
  • Ship wax bite back to lab
One Click Replacements

With digital impressions saved in our software, patients who lose or damage their dentures can get instant digital remakes without an office visit

  • Less chairtime
  • Better patient experience


Turnaround times

Our dentures are delivered on time, consistently.

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Seat new denture
100% Digital lab

Go digital for every case

From crowns to implants to dentures and more, we’ve got you covered.
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Digital Dentures Lab FAQ

How does Dandy support digital impressions for dentures?

When you partner with Dandy as your digital dental lab, we provide you with a free TRIOS scanner to take digital impressions and bite registrations for any type of dentures case. Dandy chose the TRIOS scanner because of its ability to accurately scan soft tissue and edentulous patients.

How does Dandy do digital denture printing?

After the digital design process, Dandy’s Signature Dentures are printed on 3D carbon printers using Dentsply Sirona’s Lucitone Digital Print™ 3D Denture Base resin and Lucitone Digital IPN™ 3D Premium Tooth resin.

Does Dandy offer milled dentures?

Yes, our Aesthetic Denture is fully milled and provides premium aesthetics and features the most realistic gingiva. This digital denture is ideal for highly aesthetic cases and patients with a highly visible gum line.

What is the difference between Dandy’s Signature and Aesthetic Dentures?

Dandy’s Signature Denture is fully printed and provides superior durability, wear resistance and high-quality aesthetics. This denture is ideal for most cases and arrives at your office in 7 business days. The Aesthetic Denture is fully milled and provides premium aesthetics and features the most realistic gingiva. This denture is ideal for highly aesthetic cases and patients with a highly visible gum line. This denture arrives at your office in 9 business days. Both Signature and Aesthetic dentures provide impressive fracture resistance and exceed ISO improved impact
resistance requirements. However, Dandy recommends the fully-printed Signature Denture as the best option for most cases for its increased strength and durability.

When scanning a patient for immediate dentures, what is the minimum number of teeth needed on each arch?

For a successful denture we need to be able to establish bite and vertical dimension – that means Doctors need to capture most upper and lower posteriors in order to take sufficient digital denture impressions.

How long does it take to make digital dentures after impressions?

When you work with a digital denture lab like Dandy, your digital dentures can be completed in as little as two appointments after taking digital impressions. Download our product guide for a full breakdown of turnaround times.

How is the wax bite rim appointment different than in a conventional workflow?

The wax rim phase is the same as conventional where you mark landmarks, make adjustments, and add a wash impression. The only difference is that rather than sending it back physically, you take a digital impression for dentures and submit it to us through our software. In addition, our wax bite rims do not come with teeth set in.

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